Some Photos of London


My week

Well my week started on the 12th with a job interview at the Bessborough Hotel for a room attendant position, didn’t get but at least I got a job interview. The rest of my week consists of me organizing my Pinterest, posting my travel photos on Instagram, walking around and putting my resume into places for potential jobs, and starting the next module in my Travel Agent course. I am in the process of learning how to use SABRE. For some odd reason on Instagram people seem to like my blurry, mobile taken steam train photos and Edinburgh Castle seem to doing quite well as well. That’s basically what I have been doing all week and what have you been doing?

My Helpful Travel Poster Collection

My helpful travel poster collection has been growing but I shamelessly haven’t been posting. It has gotten to a point were my iPad needs more room so I am going to ratify by posting a helpful poster at lest once a week for a while. For those who are thinking oh no poster over flow I have found some helpful YouTube videos that I will ad in and I am taking an online class through the Canadian Tourism College and the classes have Interesting facts and tips in them so I will ad a few of those in. I have yet to find a scheduler that I like but when I do posting will become so much easier and more posts will happen.

Hey Nadine discusses travel insurance

Check out this Hey Nadine video on travel insurance. Hey Nadine is a Canadian YouTube travel vlogger who travels the world while at the same time vlogging and parting wisdom of what she learned while traveling. This video is on travel insurance and even though she is partnered with Nationwide she still have some very helpful tips in the video like why you need travel insurance.


The importance of Travel Insurance



This is so cool

Seriously guys this is so cool I wish I had the money for it. It’s a great way to make packing easier. Especially if you are backpacking around.



What to Carry On

Here is a poster that I found on Pintrest that has information on what you can take in your carry on.  I don’t know about you but I always get confused about what is allowed or not.  I am still trying to figure out if my electric razor can be packed in or not it’s the only thing I can’t pack and I am not daring enough to try it in case it get confiscated.


Here is a YouTube video on travel first aid

Let’s face it we all get sick or hurt and it won’t matter if we are at home or traveling the world we all need a proper first aid kit. Here is a YouTube video by Hey Nadine who travels a lot so she made this video to show what she has in her travel first aid kit. So take a peak maybe she has thought of something for her kit that you might not have for yours.