My hopes of one day being able to do!

1. To be able to visit places to stay were I live such as hotels or B&Bs this will create several types of content. Such as my room youtube videos, what the hotel is like and amenities, instagram photos, blog posts and my thought on the place. Also I have discovered there is nothing about Saskatoon on YouTube and it has some interesting places.

2. To be able to travel to other places within Canada. Again this can create several types of content.

3. To be able to travel to other countries.

Due to the fact that I make under $1000 it will take a while to even do anything but one can dream. 💕 I would do a Patreon but I think I need more follower and or subscribers. What do you think?


Need options on Group Travel Organizers

I want your opinion on the video and its topic. What do you think about group travel organizers? Would you join a group if you liked the trip? Etc so please share and repost I want as many opinions as possible and if you like the idea please click the like button, this way I know you at least like it. Thanks



Looking Up in Paris, A Love Poem (Mostly)

The Paris night sky is like pink cotton candy,  This fireman’s ladder sure came in handy,  The Palais Garnier ceilings are a sight to behold,  This Louvre pyramid I got to hold,  This reminds me of Calvary Hill,  This ridiculous bird I want to kill Seriously, shut your beak.  Just shut it. The End



Cool shame it will dry and disappear within 20 minutes or so.


Supplies required:

  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Mop
  • Street

I’m just slightly confused as to whether Disney hired an extremely artistic and talented street cleaner or whether they have a job description for ‘street artist specialising in water and mop’ whose job is to walk around the theme park with a bucket of water and a mop and draw disney characters on the street.

Either way its so cool that they’ve thought of this and its something I haven’t seen before. And yes it is definitely water because when I walked past the same spot much later, they were gone.

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The dream destination for every Harry Potter fan – Orlando, U.S.A.

This is on my list of places to see thanks for the pics.

The world is my museum

If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter, you probably already heard about this amazing place: the Harry Potter Wizarding World! It’s part of the theme park Islands of Adventure and it is a must-see for every fan. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter myself and when I went to Florida with my parents in 2011, I kept asking them to go there all the time. And eventually I got my way. When we were in Orlando, we visited the park and it was an amazing experience.


You enter this part of the park through a big gate, behind which lies the village of Hogsmeade. This is where all the shops are, like Zonko’s, Ollivander’s and Honeyduke’s. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, it’s worth it to walk around in the stores for a while. There is so much to see and to recognize from the movies…

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I looked into this at one point but because of my back I figured not to tempt fate.

Food Forests Forever

“WWOOF” stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms” [2]. Essentially, to WWOOF is to volunteer on an organic farm, and in exchange you get food, accommodation, and sometimes a small stipend to supplement living expenses, depending on what the host farm has to offer [3]. It isn’t necessary to have any prior experience working on an organic farm; many farms are open to newcomers and are willing to train people on the spot.

There isn’t a single organization that lists all organic farm opportunities, but many countries with a large number of organic farms often have a central site that lists all opportunities. The Federation of WWOOF Organizations lists all of the main websites for each country [1]. WWOOF Independents lists organic farms that are not affiliated with a national website. (For example, if a country does not have enough locations to have a complete website…

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