Check out Fleur’s trip to Japan

I love watching FleurDeVlog’s YouTube vlog and recently she went on a trip to Japan. She shows some lovely sights and I thought my readers would love to see them. I know I did


So far in my trip to Vancouver

I arrived in Vancouver on Monday evening, my cousin and his wife picked me up at the airport. We ate some dinner and my cousin Harrison came over to visit with his parents since he was in the area for dinner so I got to visit with him before the wedding.  As the brother of the groom he was going to be a grooms man and the odds are we would not visit then. (Since the wedding was last night I can tell you we were right on that.) 

On Tuesday I awoke at 8:30am and have been since, yeah hours difference! Anyways Harry showed me around his many rooms filled with his WWII collection, some of it was interesting. We then went to Mr. Hoes for Chinese, which is his favourite place to go and their lunch menu was only $6.25 per dish and they had complimentary tea. You will never find prices like that in Saskatoon sadly. Harry’s sister Louis joined us. We rarely saw her before since she lived out east but when her husband/boyfriend died she moved out here to be closer to family.  The rest of the day was filled with helping Louis wrap her gift and visiting.

On Wednesday it basically started of the same as the day before.  The only difference is that Harry and I went to White Spot for lunch and were joined by cousin Alexander (groom), Clarissa (bride) and Dave (father of the bride).  On Thursday it was pretty much the same except my cousins went to the rehearsal while I said at the house and caught up with FluerDeVlog on YouTube.  I know so boring.  On Friday my Aunts came over to the mainland from the Island and I left with them to cousin Betty’s.  She is my mother’s first cousin on my grandmothers side while Harry is my mothers cousin on my grandfathers side.  Then I visited with my Aunts and cousin.

On Friday (yesterday) my Aunts and I went to the wedding at Newlands golf and country club in Langley BC.  Of course Langley has been experimenting we its streets again they have been rearranging for years ever Christmas while growing up due to new roads we would get lost and the tradition continues on.  The ceremony was at 4 pm and the reception started at 5:30 we our table didn’t get to eat till after 7 and then speeches and slides until 9:30 or so.  Then the music and dancing started so we went back to cousin Betty’s.