Amazing Tourist Attractions in Gianyar

Bali which is known as a paradise for tourists has many several of tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by tourists who come to Bali. Tourists can visit 8 regency in Bali to see the unique tourist attraction that owned by each regency in Bali. One of regencies that have a tourist attraction that still […]


Spontaneous Travel Tip: Visit a Landfill

Do you know where your waste ends up? What is the secret place where the garbage trucks gather to spit out mixed piles of waste? In most countries in the world this place is called landfill or garbage dump. It is also a place that can tell you a lot more about the people and and the culture than […]

Beto Carrero World: The Biggest Theme Park in South America

I like amusement parks. I like ’em a lot. I was happy to find out that there was one a short drive away. Just 100 kilometers north of Florianópolis in the city of Penha, stands Beto Carrero World, the biggest theme park in Brazil and whole South America. Further, in 2014 TripAdvisor ranked the park as the sixth best amusement park in the world. Beto […]

Flying to Vancouver

Right now I am flying over the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver from Saskatoon. I am on a Bombardier Q400 Air Canada Express plane which is operated by jazz. This is my first time using Air Canada’s discount flight companies usually my Aunt books me WestJest flights, my cousin Harry and his soon to be daughter in law Clarissa, who turns out being a travel agent, booked this one for me so I can go to the wedding. I have not been in such a small plane since I was around 12. This is an older plane so you will not find any tiny tvs which means you should bring your own entertainment. We now know what Air Canada did with all their older planes they use them for the discount flight affiliate companies. Which is great because why put planes that can still be used in a junkyard, it makes no sense, so this is a great alternative.  There is a complimentary drink (pop, water, coffee, tea) but unlike WestJet there are no cookies or pretzels.  In all not bad for a two hour flight.



I never understood why people don’t like to fly I find it quite relaxing, maybe security is stressful because what you can or can’t take on board seems to change and I am always afraid of loosing something due to new rules. But other then that I find it relaxing like the sound of a fan and there is always a nice view out the window if you are lucky enough to get a window seat.  Unfortunately today it is mostly clouds with a few mountain peeks peeking through. And the seat belt sign keeps on going on and off due to turbulence but that can’t be helped. My flight arrived 30 minutes early which was great.

My find at Lewisham Mall in Lewisham London

Hi guys while going through my jewlery I found this bracelet at Lewisham mall in Lewisham London.  The reason why I like this bracelet is because I am so terrified of snakes that I freak out just by seeing a image of them but for some reason I saw this bracelet and thought aww how cute and just had to have. Not sure if that is a breakthrough or just unusual but it is unusual for me to get any thing snake like due to my fear.





Need options on Group Travel Organizers

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