Cool shame it will dry and disappear within 20 minutes or so.


Supplies required:

  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Mop
  • Street

I’m just slightly confused as to whether Disney hired an extremely artistic and talented street cleaner or whether they have a job description for ‘street artist specialising in water and mop’ whose job is to walk around the theme park with a bucket of water and a mop and draw disney characters on the street.

Either way its so cool that they’ve thought of this and its something I haven’t seen before. And yes it is definitely water because when I walked past the same spot much later, they were gone.

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The dream destination for every Harry Potter fan – Orlando, U.S.A.

This is on my list of places to see thanks for the pics.

The world is my museum

If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter, you probably already heard about this amazing place: the Harry Potter Wizarding World! It’s part of the theme park Islands of Adventure and it is a must-see for every fan. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter myself and when I went to Florida with my parents in 2011, I kept asking them to go there all the time. And eventually I got my way. When we were in Orlando, we visited the park and it was an amazing experience.


You enter this part of the park through a big gate, behind which lies the village of Hogsmeade. This is where all the shops are, like Zonko’s, Ollivander’s and Honeyduke’s. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, it’s worth it to walk around in the stores for a while. There is so much to see and to recognize from the movies…

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I looked into this at one point but because of my back I figured not to tempt fate.

Food Forests Forever

“WWOOF” stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms” [2]. Essentially, to WWOOF is to volunteer on an organic farm, and in exchange you get food, accommodation, and sometimes a small stipend to supplement living expenses, depending on what the host farm has to offer [3]. It isn’t necessary to have any prior experience working on an organic farm; many farms are open to newcomers and are willing to train people on the spot.

There isn’t a single organization that lists all organic farm opportunities, but many countries with a large number of organic farms often have a central site that lists all opportunities. The Federation of WWOOF Organizations lists all of the main websites for each country [1]. WWOOF Independents lists organic farms that are not affiliated with a national website. (For example, if a country does not have enough locations to have a complete website…

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Kelso Abbey

When I went on a tour on February 2012 we visited the village of Kelso and saw the ruins of Kelso Abbey. Kelso Abbey was created in the 12th century in Scotland by monks during the reign of Alexander I. It was founded at Roxburgh in 1128 and was constantly under attack by the English throughout its existence. Then during the 1540s King Henry VIII attacked several Scottish abbeys as apart of the Rough Wooing War (December 1543-March 1551). This was when Henry VIII was trying to marry Mary, Queen of Scots to his son Edward. Unfortunately due to these attacks Kelso Abbey was declared derelict in 1587 after trying for many years to repair it. Between 1647 and 1771 the stones of Kelso Abbey were used to create the town of Kelso.




Thatch roof Cottages

In Canada all you see are homes build with timber or brick very rarely you see stone homes let alone one with a thatch roof. For some reason such houses remind me of some magical city like Oz or story like Cinderella. Which is why when I was on the bus between Wells and Bath and saw this house I took a photo.

To me it is amazing that a bunch of reeds could keep out the rain especially in a rainy climate like the UK. It is a very good picture for a quick snap while riding on the bus.


Apricot clothing stores in the UK

One of my favourite clothing stores out in the UK that I had discovered was Apricot. At first the clothing is expensive (£30 or higher) but because the UK is a major fashion hub the clothing went on sale after a few months in the market. Naturally dresses were the most expensive and let me tell you Apricot had some cute dresses, actually i can show you. Once on sale i was able to buy most of there for £20 or under.

These are two of my favourite summer dresses. They are quite long and go down to my ankles so I have to watch were I step but they are nice and cool in the summer. Unfortunately they are lay flat to dry and when you live in a batch it gets a bit crowded.

These dresses are more for Fall or early spring. They go down to my knees instead of my ankles. But like the summer dresses they are also lay flat to dry. I also have a red and black one that look like a skirt and blouse.

Are they not cute I hope this give you some ideas on were to shop if you are planing a trip to the UK. Thanks for reading.

Charity Shops in the UK are Great for Souvenirs

If you have ever been to the UK you might have noticed that all the tourist shops are all the same with mugs, coasters, posters and small ceramic thimbles (no idea why) of the their flags and monuments. Basically they are filled with junk and other types of shops are just so expensive. Because I was raised on thrift stores one of the first places I checked out was their equivalent, charity shops. They have much better goods in their charity shops then Canada does in thrift stores. Why because people out there spend, spend, spend and barely ever use or wear. You can find things there that are worth over £20 for under £10 and in brand new or great condition. Here are a few examples:

This is an EWM Pure Classic sweater. In the EWM shops these sweaters sold at around £39.99-£69.99. Found this one in a charity shop in Bath for £6 and at the time it looked like it was never worn. Now the odds of ever finding one and in your color like I did is rare and might never happen again. Seriously i was just in the shop thinking maybe i should splurge and by one at the EWM shop when i just came across this in my color and size at the price, it was fate.


I found this leather bag at the same charity shop for £4. I remember the price because I could not believe the price and at the time i looked new, now not so much since it lasted since 2011. This was also a rare find i had alway wanted one and even in Canada bag like these cost houndreds of dollars, in a thrift store never would have happened bags like this never go to a thrift store to expensive that people out here would use till it fell apart.


This audio stories were found at another charity shop in Bath. They could not sell because of copy right them but the could ask for a 20p donation for them.

I have more in storage such as real Wedgwood which I bought for £4 each most places charge £10 or more for Wedgwood. I also found a ceramic booby while I was in London and thought wow this is better then the stuff in the souvenir shops and cheaper to. I don’t remember how much it was since it was one of the first things I bought during my two years stay.

So that is my little tidbit check out the charity shops if you visit the UK because you will find better stuff then in a souvenir shop.

Intro to My Traveling World

As a child my mother would go on road trips sometimes on her own and some times with me. When we lived in Kinley she would ether drive us to Asquith to visit Aunt Edith or the Saskatoon to visit Grandma. In 1988 we moved to Saskatoon so we had road trips to visit Aunt Edith. Sometimes we went camping one time it was a road trip to an outdoor concert with a camping ground. I remember learning the piddle game during that road trip. To this day I still can’t see a car with one working head light without saying piddle and hitting something. Mom love to go see concerts which is why she went on road trips without me Saskatoon did not get many back then they were either in Regina, Moose Jaw or Calgary.

Anyways when mom died and I went to go live with my Aunt Sandy out in Victoria BC I started to travel much more. Every summer I would go back to Saskatoon to visit Grandma, sometimes it would be by plane other times by road trip. When it was by road trip we would go through New Westminster to visit cousin Betty, in the early years we would stay with Aunt Kay’s who lived in Vancouver, we would visit spend the night and then be on our way. Then we would go up North to Kamloops to visit Sandy’s Friends that lived up there and then it would be off to Alberta to either Calgary, Edmonton or Red Deer where some more of Sandy’s Friends lived and we could stay over. Sometimes we would stay at her friends places for the night or a few days depending on the schedule. Then we would arrive at Grandmas place in Saskatoon.

During the winter months we would go on road trips to the mainland, well they were more like ferry trips with a bit of road added in. We would go to New Westminster to visit the cousins or to White Rock to visit friends and sometimes we would go up the Island to Duncan to visit with Sandy’s friend Jan, actually we did that the most. But every Christmas we would go to New Westminster and stay with cousin Betty and then on Christmas Day to Fort Langley, then on Boxing Day to visit my cousins The Moon’s in Burnaby BC. My life was filled with traveling and road trips.

In 2010 I was tend to travel a bit more so I went to The UK with a work visa. Never found a job but I did see some interesting sights. I stayed in London for a year then Bath. I visited Scotland with a bus group travel and I took the train to Minehead and stayed there for a few days. I also visited Wells and Bradford-on-Avon. I wished I could do more but i always seemed to have a cold. Oh well maybe I will visit the UK again sometime in the future.

This is what this blog is about were I traveled to and were I would love to visit.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan